Springfield Phone #: 413-781-0800

Amherst Phone #: 413-549-0077

Northampton Phone #: 413-549-0077


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There are three ways you can place an order with Delivery Express.


1. Phone in order-  For Amherst Northampton area call 413-549-0077, for the Springfield area call 781-0800. A Customer service representative will assist in placing your order.

2. Internet order- Go to deliveryexpress.com and choose a city then a restaurant and your order will be placed electronically through the internet. You should receive a call from the office letting you know your order has been received within ten minutes. If not please call the appropriate office.

3. Fax your order- For Amherst Northampton use 1-413-549-0150, For Springfield use 1-413-781-3628.


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